We strive to help each of our clients achieve health and wholeness through our Faith in the Grace of Jesus Christ. Our overall goal is to create a broad-based community support program to help raise awareness of remedial and holistic therapies that promote a healthier & happier lifestyle.


Christy Whaley Certified Herbalist/Owner

Christy has been involved in the alternative health field her entire life. Raised by a Naturopathic Doctor, she was able to gain knowledge and experience with herbs, vitamins, diet, and other alternative treatment methods at an early age. She became a Certified Herbalist at the age of 12 and was the youngest person to complete the training through the Natures Sunshine University.

Christy's life-long goal has been to own a health center and continue the family ministry. It was in 2016 that God presented her with the opportunity to start CannaBless. Christy truly believes that God has placed her in the health ministry. She often prays with her clients to ask God to provide wisdom concerning all individuals in need. She is a mother of three blessed children, and devout follower of Christ.

Here at CannaBless, we specialize in the use of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil, or CBD, contains natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties that are used relieve a variety of health concerns like epilepsy, cancer, anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and a multitude of additional mental health problems.

Unlike most hemp oil products, CannaBless sources the highest quality CBD oil around. While our artisanal strain can be considered hemp oil, we use a solvent-free, non-toxic extraction process that sets us apart. As a result of our unique process, our products are extremely potent and contain the highest concentration of CBD legal in the state of North Carolina.


Our products also contain a full spectrum terpene profile, or the whole cannabis plant, which is critical for therapeutic benefit and are third-party lab tested to ensure the highest quality.

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