CannaBless 1000mg CBD Oil

Our 1000mg is in a carrier oil mixture of MCT oil, Sunflower oil, and Organic natural flavors. It contains no additives, fillers, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.  Because CBD is a fat soluble oil, the carrier oils we have chosen are critical for optimum absorption and assimilation. Our 1000mg also contains Turmeric Extract. Research has shown that Turmeric Extract can be very beneficial for pain & inflammation. It has also been proven to be a potent antioxidant.

Many of our clients have reported that our 1000mg has given them relief with pain & inflammation, high blood pressure, addiction & recovery, Diabetes, Glaucoma, and Neuropathy.


Suggested Use:

Because every person is different, we recommend that you start with a half a dropper, twice a day. If you are not seeing the desired results within the first week, you may begin slowly increasing amount and frequency of administration. CannaBless 1000mg  can be taken up to one full dropper, 2 to 3 times daily.

**It is important to note that you can also take CannaBless 1500mg, or 2000mg if a higher milligram dosage is needed.

1000mg Oil


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